Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Party Time

Well Ottawa was a ton of fun. A little warm for a marathon. Ran the first half at a 3:35 finish pace and realized it was getting too hot for any PB's today so I decided to slow it down and enjoy the rest of the race. Finished in 3:50:33 which is not too shabby and had a lot of fun soaking in the scenery. Working the crowds which helped the wife spot me.

The Garmin said I had done 42.43Km so I had done a pretty good job with the tangents.

Helped to pace Chris to another Boston qualifier, at least for the first half.

Here's how the people in the marathon clinic did in Ottawa:
Chris 3:35
Ken 3:35
Me 3:50
Alfred 3:58
Lesley 4:05
Brian 4:10
Shannon 4:29
Wendy 4:32
Richard 4:37
Annette 4:53
Cathy 4:53
Kerri 4:53
Angela 4:59
Christine 5:08
Brenda 6:05

This Thursday will be the post race party at Boston Pizza. Can't wait to hear all the stories.

It always amazes me how you take one day off work any you have 3 days of work to catch up on!

My position in the total field was 1229/3534 or 35%
Men 990/2129 or 46%
Age Group 171/331 or 52%

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