Thursday, September 30, 2004

Don't change anything...

Yesterday I was at a conference all day so no running but today the weather was great so I went out for another fast 6K run. My only planned run longer than 6K before Chicago is a 16K on Saturday.

My better half is doing the run for the cure on Sunday so I will be the designated babysitter while she runs and we'll take the whole family along to support her.

The Chicago group is getting excited about the trip although one has had their shoes eaten by their dog. Not a good time to be getting new running shoes!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Icing the cake

Today I ran a fast 6K. Didn't feel too much like going out but once I was out there, I just flew.

Been looking into some of the details about Chicago and trying to plan our itinerary. Less than two weeks to go!

I also managed to get the clif shots I needed, I was getting worried I would have to try a new flavour because the ones I wanted were out of stock everywhere.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Lack of posts

Well it's been over a week since my last post, mostly because my internet connection has either been painfully slow or down. So here's what has happened since last weeks episode:

Last Sunday ran a great 24K. It was the Terry Fox Run weekend so there were a tonne of people on the trail. Tapering was good although it was too early to really be feeling the effects.

I missed my run on the Tuesday due to workload. Wednesday I got in an 8K from home and ran a route I hadn't done in about a year. Thursday I got 6K in at lunch and Friday I went out to do a 6K. From the beginning I did'nt feel right so I decided to call it a day at 4.5K and walk the rest of the way.

On Saturday I had a wedding to go to and drank way too much for someone planning a 20K run the next day. The problem wasn't so much the drink as the lack of sleep as I only got 4 1/2 hours.

Still it was a great day for a 20K. I ran from home and headed for Petticoat creek conservation area. Usually at the end of the parking lot, I turn around but this time I went down to the lake and headed east on the trail. I never realized how nice that trail was through the conservation area and up the West shore of Frenchman's Bay. It was sunny and the temps were good and once I was past the first mile I didn't feel the effects of my previous days over indulgence.

I also noticed I had been bumped up to a preferred start at Chicago. I was presuming I wouldn't get it because their web site had said there were none left even though I had applied about a month before. Now I'm going to have to run a good time!

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Thursday, September 16, 2004


Ran a 6K today but is was very muggy and hard to breath with all the smog. The first 3 or 4K were fast but I slowed a lot towards the end.

I've put all the Chicago maps up on the wall to help me visualize the race. I'm getting pretty excited but I'm at that stage of my training where I want it to be done. I know that as my mileage drops for the taper, I won't feel so bad but every time about a month before the race, I start to get irritable.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Downhill from here

On Sunday I had a great last long run before Chicago. I did 34K at a 5:30/km pace. It was great weather, not too hot but sunny. I managed to wear the Sauconys all the way without developing blisters. I was feeling pretty good afterwards too without too much soreness.

Today I got out at lunch for a quick 6K, just over 5 minute pace but the GPS was dropping out a lot for some unknown reason. It was much hotter today and would have been uncomfortable if I had to do a long run.

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Friday, September 10, 2004


Ran a fast 6K today. I beautifully sunny day. In the last week I've run 5 of the 7 days which I though I always did. I was surprised to see however that the last time I ran all 5 in one week was back in May. Either I had taken an extra rest day, been double booked or sick so most weeks I've only managed 4 runs.

My run took me under a viaduct that seems to have had a burst watermain under it for the last week. The water is just pouring off the bridge and has now caused quite the flood down by the trail. I ran an extra 100M to try to get around the puddle but still ended up with a wet foot and a shoe covered in mud!

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

After the storm

This morning when I got up we were in the midst of the remnants of hurricane Frances. Lots of rain and quite windy. I still bought my running gear in and by midday, it had all cleared out and the ground was almost dry!

Had a great 8K in the cool air. Still very windy but I wasn't trying to break any records so it was a good run.

Details are coming together for Chicago. We are now trying to figure out what time to leave but it's only a month away and I'm already getting excited.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Taylor Creek run

I had a good 10K run at lunchtime. Ran up Taylor creek trail which usually gives me trouble with the GPS. It wasn't too bad today although it did drop out a couple of times.

I saw the police giving out tickets in the parking lot that the men 'sit' in their cars in every lunch time. I don't care what they want to do, but don't do it in a public park where kids and families are using the trails.

It was overcast and cool today which was great running weather. Ran pretty easy and my time wasn't too slow either.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Getting ready for Chicago

Got a solid 32K run in on Sunday. I parked at my usual 7K point and ran an 18K out and back east, followed by a 6K out and back west and another 8K out and back east again. I did this deliberately as I wasn't sure how my Saucony's would hold up and if I felt any hot spots coming on, I could change my shoes. Problem was I left my other running shoes at home but I did have an older pair in the car so I managed to change them at 18K. The result was no blisters.

It started out nice and sunny but got cloudier as my run continued but I didn't suffer too much from the heat.

Today I got out and did a fast 6K. It was raining lightly at the start but then it began to pour. It was a good fast run, even up the last hill! The odd thing is watching the smokers outside the building watching you stretch in the rain and thinking you are nuts. I laughed when one of them told me I would get sick while they were coughing up a lung.

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Friday, September 03, 2004

10 one day, 10 the next

Got out yesterday to run a fast 10K with a guy from work. Averaged under 5 mins/K, not bad considering the hills. It was nice and cool and overcast so good conditions. The achilles was aching a bit from my massage on Wednesday but not too bad once warmed up.

Today I got out and ran 10K to Yonge and Eglinton and back. It was much hotter today and the fumes started to get to me towards the last K. Nice sunny day though.

Met two guys who did the last beginner clinic and they are working on moving up to 10K. It's great to see how enthusiastic they are considering they hadn't done any running before.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The powers of massage

This evening I'm going to see my massage therapist again to work on my achilles and then I plan to go out for an easy 6K.

My achilles has been feeling quite good since my 30K on Sunday but I'll get it worked on as a precaution anyway.

I'm thinking of revamping the HTR website and I'm also thinking of attending a few seminars to set things up for next years spring clinics.

I also need to get more active with marketing. If any of you know of an organization that could use our program, let me know.

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