Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Personalized Program Design

Tired of following training programs that you can get out of a magazine that do not take your schedule, ability or goals into account?

Hit The Road offers personalized training programs that work for you, on your schedule, with your goals. All programs are designed by a certified personal trainer based on your personal situation.

There are three options available.

Option 1 - 12 week personalized program design. After telling us about your situation and goals we design a workout program which fits your life. You receive a 12 week training program that covers running, strength training and stretching exercises. This program is available for $50.

Option 2 - 12 week personalized program design with updates. Similar to the above option but based on your feedback to the program, you receive an updated plan after weeks 4 and 8. This program is available for $70.

Option 3 - 12 week performance program. Designed for the more serious athlete. More detailed workout program PLUS three personal training sessions to ensure you are performing the workouts properly and effectively and monthly program updates based on your feedback. All appointments are made at a time and place convenient to you. This program is available for $300.

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