Monday, January 30, 2006

Club Run February 5

Road Run - Sunday February 5th - West Shore and Petticoat creek

Where : Beachpoint Prom, Pickering
When : 8am
Distance : Up to 20K

Click Picture to enlarge.

Directions : From Bayly, take West Shore Blvd South towards the lake. Almost at the very end, take Beachpoint Prom on the left. Parking is on the left just before heading out onto the spit.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Upcoming race price increases

Well the spring race season still feels like a long way away but now is a good time to sign up for some upcoming races.

Around the Bay price increases from $55 to $60 on February 5th.

Mississauga Marathon increases from $55 to $65 on January 31st.

The Spring Run off increases from $30 to $40 on January 31st.

The Sporting Life 10K increases from $40 to $45 on January 31st.

Signing up early for races is a great way to save some money and commit to your running goals so sign up now!

See you at the finish line...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sunday's Club Run

West Hill

This week we will be meeting and running from Mr Bean's Coffee Co. at the corner of Pt Union Rd and Lawrence Ave. Don't forget to bring money and join us for coffee and delicious bagels afterwards, be sure to ask for my special-Sesame toasted with Tomato and Swiss with a touch of mayo, yum.

Where: Mr. Beans: Pt Union and Lawrence
When: 8:00am sharp
Distance of run: 16 km

Remember, if you want to come out but don't think you can do the distance listed, email us before hand to see if there is anyone going a shorter distance. We also tend to do easy loops (with shortcuts) or out and back runs, so there are many ways to facilitate a shorter distance or a "less than perfect feeling" run day.

Sunday's LV North Memorial Run

2nd Annual Crapper Hill Half Marathon

Okay, so it wasn't -30C and there wasn't any snow or wind, but besides those drawbacks it was a pretty successful run today. 22 brave souls ventured out this morning up the Dixie Rd Hill to do the 21.1 km on a relatively flat course. The sun was shining as we toured the countryside and passed by the odd farm and strategically placed bathroom fixture (Thanks Rob for going above and beyond the call of nature). We had some smoking finishes from some of our younger competitors. The fastest times were in the 1:40's...Congratulations. While some people set some PBs and some set some PWs, we all had a fun day with a fun group.

Afterwards, we descended on the Fox and the Fiddle Mansion to have some hard earned breakfast. The service may not have been the fastest on record, but we passed the time catching up and meeting new people. Good times!

More pictures can be seen at Riff Raff Pictures.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Reminder for Sunday

Tomorrow is the day of the LV North Memorial Half Marathon.

Just wanted to post a couple quick updates for those people running tomorrow.
  • Water stations will be available at Whites Rd, Rosebank, Town Line and at Plug Hat Rd. This makes the total number of water stations 7 since it is essentially an out and back course.
  • Breakfast to follow will be at the FOX & THE FIDDLE Mansion at Liverpool and Kingston Rd. I have made the reservation for 11am if you want to join us afterwards for just breakfast.

See you all tomorrow at 8am at the corner of Dixie and Finch for the Club run/half marathon. Remember there may be people interested in doing a shorter distance, so come on out and meet up with us.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Boot Camp Tuesday Nights

  • Has your running plateau'ed?
  • Are you looking for a New Challenge?
  • Do you need to be pushed in order to keep motivated?
  • Do you want to lose some of that extra weight from the holidays?

Every Tuesday night Boot Camp meets for an Hour to 2 Hour Strength, Conditioning and Running Form workout. We meet at the Oshawa Civic Dome Running Track at 7 pm.
Boot Camp is for everyone.The workout includes Plyometrics, Flexibility, Cardio and Biomechanic Drills designed to make you both a fitter person and a better runner.

Enrolling in the program gets you:

  • The personally supervised workout
  • Detailed breakdown of your goals and how you will reach them
  • Weekly training log
  • Detailed homework and charts to keep you going all week
  • Personal and Email support

How do I sign up?

  • Package: ATB Boot Camp: January 17 - March 21 for $75 - Get you in PB shape for those 7km of rolling hills at the Around the Bay Race.

  • Package: ATB Boot camp + Ottawa Boot Camp - January 17 - May 23 for $110 - Get in shape for the Ottawa Race Weekend.

  • Package: ATB Boot Camp + ATB "Hit the Road Clinic", $140 - Tuesday and Thursday nights - Complete package to get you ready for the Around the Bay Race.

  • Package: ATB Boot Camp + Ottawa Boot Camp + ATB and Ottawa "Hit the Road" Clinic Nights, $190, Tuesday and Thursdays, January 17 - May 25. Complete Package to get you trained for a spring Marathon. 20 weeks of total training and commitment with a personalized schedule, feedback and a whole lot more. Less than $10 per week.

  • Any 4 Weeks for $75 - perfect for someone who needs a kick outta bed to get them ready for a certain race or event. This type of training can also be personalized to other days and times available.

Still not what you are looking for? If you have a group of people who meet regularly and need some Guidance, let me know and I will personally put together a monitored personalized schedule and training log to get you to your goals and the goals of the group you are involved with. I am also available for training on other nights if you have a small group in need of training. Please let me know how I can help.

Also remember that we do meet every Sunday morning for our club runs. These runs are open to any and all people interested in coming. We post the location of the upcoming runs the week of the run on this site. We also list the general goal time of that Sunday's run. If you aren't looking for this time or distance of run, please email me to see if there is anyone else coming who will be doing the similar distance or time that you are looking for. Don't be intimidated by the times that are posted, we regularly have people who are interested in going shorter or slower on these club runs. The goal is to get out as a group and run with old friends or new ones.

If you have never been out with us and want to check us out, come out on a Sunday morning and run with us. We will answer any and all questions that we can.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

2nd Annual Crapper Hill Half Marathon (Las Vegas North Memorial Run)

This is the final week of preparation for the Memorial run this Sunday. I am sure that everyone is in their taper mode getting ready for the big day. If not, don't worry because this is only a fun run.

The details again are:
  • 21.1km run or shorter depending on where you turn back. Yes, we will be going down that little hill at Plug Hat Rd.
  • Start at 8:00am. Early start time available, please email me for details.
  • WHERE: Start/Finish at NorthWest corner of Dixie and Finch Aves.
  • Water may be available on the course, but please come prepared.
  • BYOB&B (Bring your own Bib and Bling (show off last year's medals)
  • Breakfast to follow, Please RSVP by Wed night.
  • Open to everyone you know who may be interested.

The pictures from last year's event can be viewed here.

Here is the map of the Course.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Club Run January 22

Road Run - Sunday January 22nd - Pickering North

Where : Dixie and Finch, Pickering
When : 8am
Time : 1:30 to 2:30 hours (depending on speed)

Click here for map

Directions : Meet in the parking lot at the south west corner of Dixie and Finch in Pickering.

This will be the Las Vegas North anniversary run and a course has been designed for 21.1K. You do not have to run the entire 21.1, it's an out and back course. This is not an official race and the roads are not closed so please follow traffic rules at all times.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Spring season programs start this week!

Our spring season clinics start Thursday January 19th and it's not too late to sign up. If you're interested in any of our programs and didn't get a chance to come to our sign up night you can still sign up by contacting or

The clinic starts on Thursday at 7pm at;

Fletcher Chiropractic
7-1450 Kingston Road.
Pickering, ON

In the plaza on the north west corner of Valley Farm and Kingston Road in Pickering.

If you cannot sign up before Thursday, you can sign up on the night but please arrive 15 minutes early in order to fill out the required paperwork.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sign up night - THIS THURSDAY

The sign up night for the next round of clinics that begin January 19th is THIS THURSDAY January 12th at;

Fletcher Chiropractic
7-1450 Kingston Road.
Pickering, ON

In the plaza on the north west corner of Valley Farm and Kingston Road in Pickering.

If you can't make it to the sign up night in person, feel free to email or and we'll be happy to arrange sign up at a better time for you.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Club Run January 15

Road Run - Sunday January 15th - Pickering North

Where : Valley Farm and Hwy 2, Pickering
When : 8am
Time : 1 hour to 1:15 hours

Directions : Meet at the Second Cup at Valley Farm and Hwy 2 in Pickering.

Click map to enlarge.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Running on a sunny Sunday morning

Club Run Report

The snow didn't stop us this morning as a large group of us met shortly after 8 am for our Sunday morning long slow club run. We set off from Mr Bean's Coffee Co. and ran up along Sheppard and down thru the Twin Rivers Valley and finally all the way down Rougemount to the Pedestrian bridge back to Lawrence and the waiting toasted bagels with coffee. Scott and his expert staff at the Cafe soon took care of the throng of runners that had descended on his place. I still can't believe the level of service that we always receive when we go in there. We ended up taking over the majority of the restaurant as the noise level quickly rose as we talked about how beautiful it was to run this morning and feel the winter sun on our faces.

It was great to see so many people out for the run this morning. These are the days that you remember and talk about in years to come.

All the Best.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Program sign-up night - THIS THURSDAY

The sign-up for our next round of programs is this Thursday 7 - 8pm at;

Fletcher Chiropractic
7-1450 Kingston Road.
Pickering, ON

If you can't make it out on Thursday please contact Ken or myself and we'll be happy to make alternative sign-up arrangements.

Tony Denford
(647) 882 9755

Ken Niemimaa
(905) 831-5329

We are offering a number of programs at this time so I thought I'd summarize what is available. If you don't see what you're looking for please let us know. All programs include our run club on Sunday's which is free to everyone, just come out and run with us. Details of locations for the club runs are posted each week at

Around The Bay Distance Program
Night - Thursday
Start - January 19
End - March 23
Price - $75

Mississauga or Ottawa Marathon and ½ marathon programs and ATB
Night - Thursday
Start - January 19
End - May 25
Price - $125

Mississauga or Ottawa Marathon and ½ marathon programs
Night - Thursday
Start - March 2
End - May 25
Price - $75

Boot Camp Program – 4 week
Night - Tuesday
Start - Any
End - After 4 weeks
Price - $75

Boot Camp Program – ATB
Night - Tuesday and Thursday
Start - Jan 19
End - March 23
Price - $140

Boot Camp Program – Marathon and ½ marathon
Night - Tuesday and Thursday
Start - Jan 19
End - May 25
Price - $190

Performance Program – 4 weeks
Night - By Appointment
Start - Any
End - After 4 weeks
Price - $120

Performance Program – 12 weeks
Night - By Appointment
Start - Any
End - After 12 weeks
Price - $300

Additional Service
On top of any of our programs or as stand alone services we also offer Personal Training, individual program design, nutritional consultation services, yoga classes, chiropractic and massage therapy either through our own trainers or partnering third party vendors. All of these services are available by appointment, contact us for details.

For more information on any of out services, feel free to contact us at

Friday, January 06, 2006


Come join your friends at Hit The Road for a Pub Night at the Fox and Fiddle Mansion.

Friday the 13th of January from 8PM.

The Fox and Fiddle Mansion is at the corner of Kingston Road and Liverpool Road in Pickering. Feel free to bring your friends.

See you there!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

This Week's Club Run

This Sunday, Join us for our Club Run from Mr Bean's Coffee Co at the corner of Pt Union and Lawrence Ave. We will be meeting at 8am and running for about an hour. If you are looking to run for more distance or less distance, come on out because I am sure that there will be someone there looking for the same thing. Don't forget that we will be hanging around afterwards for coffee and delicious bagels (sorry, they don't serve Chai Tea Lattes, so byo-ctl's)

See you there.

If you have any questions about paces, run groups, pumas, or your training program please contact or