Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Performance Program

Performance Program

By Appointment

This month-to-month program goes way beyond our classroom training sessions and is aimed at the goal oriented runner of any ability. The program is a personalized training routine based on your own situation and goals and has an emphasis on strength building, flexibility and balance to improve performance.

Whether your goal is to run a faster 5K, qualify for Boston or to feel more comfortable with your fitness level, this is the program for you. Each month you will get a personal one-on-one consultation with a trainer followed by a comprehensive training program to fit your lifestyle and goals. This schedule is passes back and forth with your trainer to ensure you are adhering to the program or make adjustments based on your bodies responses to the training.

During your consultation sessions you will also receive specific instruction in technique and fitness training to ensure you get the most out of the program.

What you get:
-Personalized one-on-one consultation with a trainer
-Personalized Training Schedule
-Performance Training Log
-E-mail Q&A with the trainer
-Evaluation of your current running fitness level
-Instruction on technique and fitness conditioning
-"Club runs" every Sunday morning, Boot Camp and Thursday night programs for the duration of this program
-Race and training support to get you through those tough runs
-Social events

$120 per month or
$300 for 12 weeks

Tony Denford
(647) 882 9755

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