Monday, September 27, 2004

Lack of posts

Well it's been over a week since my last post, mostly because my internet connection has either been painfully slow or down. So here's what has happened since last weeks episode:

Last Sunday ran a great 24K. It was the Terry Fox Run weekend so there were a tonne of people on the trail. Tapering was good although it was too early to really be feeling the effects.

I missed my run on the Tuesday due to workload. Wednesday I got in an 8K from home and ran a route I hadn't done in about a year. Thursday I got 6K in at lunch and Friday I went out to do a 6K. From the beginning I did'nt feel right so I decided to call it a day at 4.5K and walk the rest of the way.

On Saturday I had a wedding to go to and drank way too much for someone planning a 20K run the next day. The problem wasn't so much the drink as the lack of sleep as I only got 4 1/2 hours.

Still it was a great day for a 20K. I ran from home and headed for Petticoat creek conservation area. Usually at the end of the parking lot, I turn around but this time I went down to the lake and headed east on the trail. I never realized how nice that trail was through the conservation area and up the West shore of Frenchman's Bay. It was sunny and the temps were good and once I was past the first mile I didn't feel the effects of my previous days over indulgence.

I also noticed I had been bumped up to a preferred start at Chicago. I was presuming I wouldn't get it because their web site had said there were none left even though I had applied about a month before. Now I'm going to have to run a good time!

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