Monday, October 25, 2004

Looking for direction

On Wednesday I planned to continue my easing back into training by doing a light 5K. The light 5K soon became a quick 8K, partly because I knew I wasn't going to get a chance to run on Thursday but mostly because of who I went running with. It's interesting how much faster you go when others are pulling you along.

No other running until Sunday when I went out for a nice slow 16K. Again 'nice and slow' turned out to not be so slow. Although the weather is definitely autumnal now, I was overdressed for the 9C on Sunday morning with my wind pants and jacket on. I did have the sense to leave the gloves behind.

Went for a coffee after and already everyone is talking about the next out-of-town race. On top of that, my Mum wants me to do Las Vegas if I don't get into London this year just so she can come on a holiday.

I'm also thinking of doing the marathon clinic for a spring marathon, either Mississauga or Ottawa.

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