Monday, November 08, 2004

Winter's on it's way

Last Thursday I got out for my 5K but not before the rain came. It didn't seem to be raining much until I stopped at the end to stretch when I realized all the smokers outside the building where huddled together under the overhang looking at me like I was mad and that standing in the rain was going to kill me.

Sunday was a great day for a run. I went out for a nice 20K, ran the first 8 with some guys who are doing the 1/2 marathon clinic and were out to do 16K. It was actually pretty warm and for once I shed my coat, which I never do once I've started. There was a strong wind from the west which gave me a bit of a challenge on the way back but it was a beautiful autumn day with Lake Ontario lashing at the shores.

This week will be a drop down week and I need to watch my eating. Hallowe'en has taken it's toll!

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