Monday, December 20, 2004

One extreme to the other (not quite)

On Friday I decided to go out and run 10K to make up for some of last weeks missed mileage. What a beautiful run. It was cold but not bad, no wind and sunny so I ran up to Sunnybrook Hospital. I kept the pace slow and really enjoyed the run.

Saturday was a rest day and when I got up on Sunday the wind was howling. The temp was around -10C so I dressed for that and set out to do 24K. I was starting to wonder if I should have worn tights under my wind pants and maybe a balaclava.

Well the answer was YES. The wind chill was -38C and funny things happen at that temperature. One of the first things was that my eye lashes froze together.

Usually by about 3K in any weather I'm warmed up but yesterday I was still chilly. I said, if at 5K I'm still not warm, I'm turning back. Well by 5K I was warm but we were heading for the top of the hill where there is no shelter from the wind.

An extra 2K in the gale and we decided it was a good idea to turn back. Our water was frozen and ice was forming on hair. My legs and cheeks were starting to freeze too.

The round trip came in at 14K and it took a while to warm up afterwards. My water eventually melted but I decided to try an experiment. I took it outside and threw it up into the air. By the time it hit the ground it was frozen into little ice pellets.

I went and bought new shoes after the run, Adidas Atlanta's. My Saucony's had done 657K and were worn through the inside of the heal. I'm not impressed with them. Let's see how Adidas does!

Extreme cold weather running.

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