Monday, January 31, 2005

The long lonely run

On Saturday I ran my long 32K run on my own from home. I thought it was around -10° but it seemed colder. Part of the run was on packed snow and on the way back it felt like hard work.

I ran a section up town line and the cars whizzing by at 100Km/h was a little scary although most of the drivers gave me lots of space. I then ran right through Whitevale and up and down those hills. It was very picturesque though.

Running for 3 hours with the same two lines of a song going over and over in your head should drive you nuts but actually it can feel quite therapeutic.

This week, the weather is supposed to warm up to near freezing all week and I should be back to my usual schedule which will be good.

I will be registering for the Around the Bay Road Race today as the price goes up tomorrow and you all know how I hate to waste money!

Hit The Road Running Clinics.

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