Sunday, August 14, 2005

Time Trial Results

Sunday's Time Trial from Rotary Park

Today's gruelling 10km time trial was a complete success. Many of those who braved the elements and finished the race commented that the light rain that we had was quite refreshing. It really turned out to be a relief from the heat that we have been having lately.

It seemed that everyone was happily surprised by the times that they had. Maybe those hill repeats are paying off? The course we ran today was quite hilly and I am sure that everyone was accelerating over the crests of each of them. Poor Tony was so distraught that he wasn't able to run today after I asked him to man the halfway point/water station. Tony: Thanks for your help, I guarantee that you can race the next time trial that we do.

Next up, we are taking a crack at the first half (+) of the Waterfront marathon course. Let me know if you are coming so that we can Carpool.

Here is the medal for all those who completed today's run:

Who says I never give you anything?

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