Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Weekend Runs - (Note: Not Saturday night Stomach Flu)

Here are the maps of this weekend's runs for all you geeks (like me) who like to see where you have run!

For those of you who were wondering how far it is to the top of Middle Seaton. This is to the waterfall and back.

Sorry that this one isn't so great. :( It's because we ran too f-ing far to fit it on one decent sized map.


Anonymous said...

What's the distance of the trail run?

~ggH said...

Whoa, Ken, you went FAR.
I must say that it felt much farther that it really was.
And as always, the elevation profile is a joy to see. Thanks.

Ken said...

The distance on the Garmin says "18.4km Total Run Distance", but when I plug the .xml into MapPoint it says the total distance covered is actually 21km+. While I think that the Garmin "lost" some distance, I think that MP has added extra distance due to tangents added due to loss of signal. I don't think that the run could have been more than 20km, having been run in less than 2 hours and the first hour's average speed being around 7:20/km.