Friday, September 02, 2005

Need something to spice up those Trail runs?

Or do you need a reason to actually walk the trails?

This morning my daughter and I decided (well, I decided and she came with me) to go and try out something called "GeoCaching". So I downloaded a waypoint that was close to my home, strapped Annaliisa into the jogger and off we went. After getting up the Dixie hill and then trugging down the escarpment that used to be a trail, we followed the GPS.
We had to find a way across the river. We found a fallen tree, crossed it and were soon within 10m of the cache. Now, remembering the clues that the cacher had placed in her description, we soon found the place where the ammo box was hidden.
Now, the traditional thing to do is bring an item with which to swap for another item. The only things I had brought were my Garmin and my digital camera, so We both just signed the log book and re hid the cache. We made sure to leave it as hidden as we had found it. When we got home I logged onto the website and made a log entry in order to tell that we had been there.

Yes, there are things that you can do with your Forerunner that don't entail running! If you would like to try this out, be sure to check out

The name of the cache that we found was "THE MOSSY HIDEAWAY" at

I know that this might sound a little geeky but I am going to venture on with my daughter in tow. She now calls it "Treasure Hunting with Daddy's running watch".


~ggH said...

Oh, wow! What a neat idea!
Thanks, Ken. I will for sure try that with my niece.
You sure are making great creative strides with your time at home with the kids.

Ken said...

We went treasure hunting again on Sunday. I actually had to climb a tree! Really neat to see how hard core people can be about this. Annaliisa (and I) can't wait to go again. Cheers!

gps-riff-raff said...

Kids and I went geocaching today and yesterday and had a great time, found a cache with Tony and Ken's name already in the log book. I highly recommend this to everyone with a Garmin, take your kid's or a friend if they will come and have some fun. We all can't wait for the next treasure hunt.