Thursday, September 08, 2005

Races, Races, Races (and fun runs)

The next few weeks will be busy for all you racers out there.

This Sunday many of you will be on the island running the Longboat 10K. For those not going, our regular long run will be along the Pickering Waterfront. We picked this route as most of you are familiar with it (just in case I'm off to the hospital).

Next weekend is the Mono Cliffs 5 Peaks Race so our trail run will be there. It's the season finale so it's Edgar's last chance to leave me in the dust. It would be funny if I didn't have such an age advantage which really speaks to how good a runner he is and how I need to lay off the Chocolate Lover's Lattes.

It does concern me a little that this race has the word 'Cliff' in it's name. Also when I look at the course map it has an area marked 'Cardio Hill'.

The weekend after that is the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon weekend and we have members in the 5K, Half and Full Marathons.

Run For The Toad is October 1st for those of you who can't let the trail season go.

October 7th is Hit The Roads own Pickering Pub Run.... more like a crawl. Details will be posted soon so keep checking back.

Thanksgiving day is the Run for Fyre 5K in Whitby. This would be a great way to stretch your legs after your longer races the previous few weeks.

The week after that is the Zoo 10K and the Toronto Marathon.... Does the insanity never end?

Keep running.

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