Monday, November 07, 2005

Angus Glen Half Marathon

What a race weekend!

For those of you that missed out on registration for the 1st annual Angus Glen Half Marathon in Markham, you missed quite a race. What started out with Thunderstorms looming on the horizon, followed by teeming rain, ended up being a warm yet windy day for a race. The course was a very open, yet quiet race route. A mixture of rolling hills and long flat sections turned out to be quite a course to PB on. Even with a very strong headwind on the southerly routes, it was most enjoyable.

The following people are some mentionables from the current clinics who all had personal bests at the race:

Greg D'Cruz 1:50:10.2 Pretty good for his First Half marathon.

Cindy McKay 1:48:20.2 11th in her age. 40th woman of 358.

Jennifer Roxburgh 1:44:44.5 7th in her age! 24th woman overall. YAW!

To check out the finishing times click here.
To see more about the race click here.


Tony @ Hit The Road said...
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Tony @ Hit The Road said...

Ken neglected to mention his own excellent performance in this race.

Way to go everyone.

Ken said...

I think that you have me confused with some guy named "Ken Crump"!

Thanks anyway, ;P