Thursday, November 03, 2005

Shorts in November!

Well winter seems to be over and spring has finally arrived... I wish, but it has been great this week running in shorts.

As a special treat to Jo Anne who missed the trail run last weekend, Ken and I will be dressed as Marines for the clinic tonight seeing as somehow they all managed to slip through her fingers at the Marine Corps Marathon last weekend.

Don't forget with the clocks going back last weekend, it's now darker earlier. It's always a good idea to get some reflective clothing and light yourself up like a Christmas tree although with most of the drivers around here it won't make much of a difference and they'll still try to run you down. Just be careful out there.

For those of you not running the 1/2 at Angus Glenn this weekend, come out and join us for our regular Sunday run at 8am. We are meeting at the Second Cup at Valley Farm and Kingston Road. Click here for a map and details.

We're also starting to think about our Winter programs which will start after the new year. Feel free to post your ideas about what you would like to see from Hit The Road and what target races you are interested in (OK, who shouted 'Road Trip').

Keep running,


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