Monday, November 28, 2005

This Past Weekend

What a wild weekend for runs we had. A group of us tackled the Rouge Valley trail on Saturday in some tricky conditions. Snow, hidden leaves and the contours of the trails made for some pretty neat running. Add to that the funny looks that we got from the people walking their dogs, it was quite enjoyable.

Sunday, we had a good size group meet at run from Mr Bean's Coffee Co. at Pt Union and Lawrence. We ran to Col Danforth park and ran up the paved path towards Morningside park. The path was paved so that meant road run, but it turned out to be almost completely covered with snow the whole way. So it turned out to be more of a trail run experience.

Way to go all you runners who made it out this weekend. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Here are the maps of the runs that we did.

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