Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last Sunday's run and Tuesday night Training

Sunday's Run

What a great turnout on Sunday for our Club Run. We toured around the scenic neighbourhood of West Shore in Pickering south. Ten kilometers never felt so good.

Do you like running with a group? Just a reminder that Sunday Club runs are open to everyone, so why not come out and run with us? All you have to do is check the website here for this week's run and distance, then show up ready to run at 8am. This week we have no Sunday club run but if you are looking to run why not use the comments section and see if anyone else would be willing to join you?

Your comments are valuable to us. Be interactive with the website. Post your comments about what you like and what you would like to see from us at Hit the Road Running. It takes only a few seconds and you can post anonymously.

Tuesday night training

Every Tuesday night until the middle of January I am offering free group training sessions at the Oshawa Civic Dome. We meet at 7pm for an hour of light cardio, stretching and core strength work. I am also taking people through some basics in Biomechanics and Plyometrics. If you are thinking of taking the boot camp training in January this is a good primer and preview for that series of training. Come out and have a good time sweating with some friends.

Keep on Running

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