Friday, December 16, 2005

Winter Storm - A Bust

You call that a storm?

Congratulations? To those who braved the cold stormy conditions last night and made it to the clinic. A few of us even made it out for a run (one of us in snowshoes) in the ankle and knee-deep snow and slush. I tried out a pair of ice cleats last night and they worked fairly well given the conditions. I'll try them again when it gets really icy.

Only one clinic night left before the big race. Remember that now is the time to get some extra rest, eat more healthily, and listen to your body when it tells you to stop overdoing it (like running twice in one day!). This Saturday is the early kit and vest pickup for the race. If you don't want to risk not getting your size on race day, It might be worth the drive to Hamilton (ew, did I just say something positive about Hamilton?).

I hope to see everyone on Sunday for our group run! Tony will not be there this Sunday, so I will be your sole (soul?) support unless I get some volunteers?

Seacrest OUT!

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