Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Strength Training for Runners

Tired of programs that have you running around in circles?

Do you want to build on your running fitness with well rounded training which will make you stronger, faster and less injury prone?

Most of a runners power comes from their core yet very few runners take the time to train their core or upper body. Hit The Road's Strength Training for Runners Program is designed to improve core and upper body strength along with flexibility, balance and coordination. These are all essential components of a complete running program and will reduce fatigue and injury while improving running efficiency.

Each class will consist of a proper warm up, component training, cool down and end with an effective stretching routine. The component training will be focused on specific strength training or technique elements designed to improve you running and overall fitness. During the stretching segments, we will focus on functional stretching and correct technique which will improve flexibility, muscle balance and reduce injury.

This class is suitable as an add on to any running or walking program from beginners all the way to marathon runners and is taught by a professional personal trainer.

Classes will be held weekly and will be 1 hour in duration. Thursdays at 7pm. (Starting In May). Cost is $25/month with no long term commitment.

Contact Tony for more information at
Tony@hittheroadrunning.com or 647 882 9755

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