Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Keeping Active

Fitness guidelines suggest that everyone should try to work on their cardiovascular fitness for 30 minutes from 4 to 7 times per week. If you are currently out there three times per week and it's not too much of a struggle, try adding an extra day. Keep in mind that it should be fun and reduce your stress so if your available time does not permit it, don't sweat it. It's better to do what you can and hopefully improve it over time. You should not give up because you can only make it out once or twice a week but you should try to get out when you can.

If you are currently not active enough don't jump up to seven days right away. Ease into it and slowly increase the amount of time you're exercising. Doing too much too soon will be self defeating as you will be prone to injury.

Life balance is important also. Make a conscious decision about what's important in your life and make time for it BUT don't forget about yourself. A little self maintenance will give you better self esteem and more energy for all the other things you want to do. You only get one body so take care of it. If you have a bad day don't worry about it but try to do better the next day.

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