Friday, October 06, 2006

Build a program for yourself

This really is the best time of year to be a runner. The temperatures are cool enough but not too cold and the air quality is good.

If every year you struggle through the summer only to peak too soon or run a marathon when it's still too hot, think about picking a later marathon next year. You can do some quality training when the conditions are better for it and your race day will not turn out to be too hot. It's a common mistake by runners to race too early in the season and be left missing their time goals by trying to fit their training into someone else's schedule.

If you have a time goal for your big race, choose that race carefully and have your program built around your goal, on your schedule.

Hit The Road has a number of products and services that can help you do just that, from Personalized Program design, to Coaching Services, to Performance Programs, to Personal Training, all provided by Certified Personal Trainers.

Get out there and set your own goals and build your program around your own situation.

Keep Running.

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