Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What you can learn from running

Each time you run, no matter how hard the workout is, try to look for the positive that is a result from the run. If you're running against the wind remember that it will make you stronger. If the run seemed harder than usual remember that it still counts and still made you fitter. Always look for the positive and whenever possible, write it down. Many of you probably keep a log of your runs and this is a great idea but remember to write down not only how far and how fast but things like how you felt and weather conditions. After a while you will start to notice that you go through cycles of good runs and not-so-good runs.

Lot of things can influence the feel of your run, for example diet, stress level, amount of sleep, weather or illness. Make sure you write down as much info as you can and if you notice you run easy after a good 8 hour sleep and suffer when you only get 6 hours then maybe you can learn something about how your body reacts to these influences and adjust your own behaviour to make your life a little easier.

Your running can be a good barometer of these influences but your whole life can be affected by them so take note and make changes as needed.

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