Wednesday, November 14, 2007

EVENTS - Toronto Resolution Run Date Change

The Toronto Resolution Run has been changed from December 31st to December 30th. For those of you who couldn't make the 31st this is a great chance to sign up but do it soon before the free jackets run out!

If you already signed up and cannot make the 30th, the Running Room is offering a full refund by contacting

Click here for all the run details.


brownie said...

hi i run about 3 miles twice a week and every time half way thru my calf muscles not up really tight .am i not warming up enough or not warmin up correct thanx andrew

Tony @ Hit The Road said...

Without knowing more information it's almost impossible to make any diagnosis of what is causing your problem.

Muscle cramping is most usually caused by diet and lack of or too many electrolytes in your system.

Work with a trainer or nutritionist to figure out what is causing the problem and then you can come up with an action plan to fix it.