Monday, June 07, 2004

What should my next race be?

Well this was the first weekend since October 2003 that I have not run at all but at least I had time to cut the grass. Now it's time to decide on my next race. I've come through Ottawa without injury so hopefully I can continue to build on the fitness I already have.

There are a couple of 5K races coming up, the Whitby 5000m on June 27th which I might do and the Rock and Roll 5K at the docks on July 16th which I will be doing with the Beginners clinic from DM & Eglinton. It would be good if we could enter as a team into the race, so far 8 have confirmed but we need 10 for the team entry.

A group I know are talking about Chicago but it seems like a lot of money for a not too scenic run and I doubt I'd get close to qualifying for Boston any time soon. So I'm not sure.

I need to work out a training program so I might just aim at Chicago as Toronto and Niagara are both within a couple of weeks of it. Just 17 weeks to Chicago so not a huge amount of time but I do want to try doing some more long runs and see how it goes.

Tonight is week 5 of the beginners clinic and they are doing a fantastic job. I'm also thinking of setting up another beginners clinic to aim for Scotiabank 5K. We'll see.

The weather is finally heating up and I need to get out there again....

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