Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Getting ready for Chicago

Got a solid 32K run in on Sunday. I parked at my usual 7K point and ran an 18K out and back east, followed by a 6K out and back west and another 8K out and back east again. I did this deliberately as I wasn't sure how my Saucony's would hold up and if I felt any hot spots coming on, I could change my shoes. Problem was I left my other running shoes at home but I did have an older pair in the car so I managed to change them at 18K. The result was no blisters.

It started out nice and sunny but got cloudier as my run continued but I didn't suffer too much from the heat.

Today I got out and did a fast 6K. It was raining lightly at the start but then it began to pour. It was a good fast run, even up the last hill! The odd thing is watching the smokers outside the building watching you stretch in the rain and thinking you are nuts. I laughed when one of them told me I would get sick while they were coughing up a lung.

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