Monday, October 04, 2004

Run for the Cure and things for Chicago

On Saturday I did my last long run before Chicago, a quick 16K non-stop. It was raining all morning but was sunny by the time I got out. I took a hilly course from my house down to the waterfront trail and there was a strong wind coming from the north but it wasn't too bad a run.

On Sunday I went to the Run for the Cure to see my wife complete here first 5K. She did a great job and looked good coming into the finish. It was interesting to watch a race rather than doing it!

So time to think about Chicago........

Things to remember to do for Chicago...

Charge Garmin
Pack running shoes
short sleeve shirt
long sleeve shirt
water belt
band aids
Tape for back
garbage bag
sun glasses
race belt
race confirmation
body glide
ice pack thingy
blister blockers
epsom salts
directions to hotel
directions to expo
directions to pasta party
directions to post race party
Cell phone
Nail clippers

Maybe more....

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