Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The New Year

Well on Saturday January 1st I took part in the resolution run 5K in Oshawa and ran a respectable 22:23. My boys ran across the finish line with me but then they wanted to go for a longer run and were not interested in letting me catch my breath. I came in 21st overall which isn't bad.

Sunday I got up for my long run but there was freezing rain coming down. If you live in sunnier climbs, freezing rain leaves a nice coat of ice on pretty much everything and creates very slippery conditions.

My car slid down the driveway, slipped around the first corner and I decided it was a good idea to go back home.

I ended up doing my long run on Monday, which was a holiday but had left my Garmin on since Sunday morning so at best I can guess the distance. I probably did around 19K but didn't feel to great for any of it and ended up getting blisters on the arch of my foot from the new Adidas.

Today I went out for an 8K with my old Nikes but now my knees feel a little sore. Got through it OK though.

Tomorrow I plan to do some speed work but will have to rely on the conditions.

New Year's resolution?

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