Friday, February 04, 2005

Spring....No..Smog is in the air

It's been a busy week so here's the quick version of what's been going on.

Wednesday I was planning on doing a speed workout but had forgotten I was pacing the marathon clinic so ended up running 9K in the evening.

Thursday, because I did a couple of extra K on Wednesday night I only ran 4K at lunch which seemed like a very short run. The weather had been better the previous 2 days but it wasn't bad for February, hovering around 0°.

Today I went out for 6K and it was about 4°C. A nice run without having to wear a winter hat. The problem was the February. It was bad enough to notice and there was actually an air quality warning issued today.

This weekend I will be doing 24K on Sunday, 13 with the Marathon clinic. The forcast is for 7°.

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