Friday, February 18, 2005

The tale of two runs.

My server has been so slow this week that I've had trouble updating the blog but I'm still alive...

Wednesday I went out with the marathon clinic to run 10K. We have had a strange mix of good and bad weather this week so the route had lots of icy patches. The first and last part of the run was good but in the middle I started to struggle a little bit. It's probably the result of eating ribs less than an hour before the run. MMMMmmm Ribs. We ran the somewhat hilly Spruce Hill route which was a nice change.

Thursday I was too busy with an emergency to run but Today I got out. The temp was -12°C but the wind was blistering down from the north and the wind chill was about -25°. I had originally planned a speed workout today but when I saw the weather I decided to run a fartlek. I started out running into the wind and the first 2K were well under 5min/K so I thought I'd do K 3 at an easy pace. 4:55 later it was done so I sped up for a while.

Once I turned around at 4K the wind was at my back and I was just flying and felt much warmer so the pace quickened even more. At this point I though, forget the fartlek, just make it a good tempo run.

So even with the killer hill at the end and the 40-50km/h winds for the first 4K, I still averaged a 4:43 pace and felt good, at least until I jumped into the shower. I looked like a lobster and had a burning itch. Not my usual burning itch either.

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