Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Freeze one side then the other

Sunday's long run started out with a 16K run with the marathon clinic guys. Not a bad run except on the way back I noticed the wind was picking up from the east and I had another 18K to do once this run was over. Once we got back, I filled up my water and off I went for the last 18K but I had the sense to head into the wind so it would be at my back on the way home.

At one point I was heading straight north for about 4K with the wind hitting me on my right and there was very little shade from it so my right side was frozen but my left was relatively warm. When I turned around to head home, I really noticed the difference as my left side started to freeze and my right thaw out. It's a good thing that I only sweat on my right side!

I was about 3.5K away from finishing and I saw a runner I know who likes to give advice and he turned around to run with me. At this point I didn't want or need his advice so I decided to speed him up so he couldn't talk too much if he wanted to stay with me. I was actually surprised he managed to hang on but the conversation was down so that was a bonus.

Yesterday we had a ton of snow so today's run will likely not be too much fun but I have to do an easy recovery run after all those miles.

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Jocelyn said...

I hope the individual you are referring to doesn't read your blog!