Friday, April 22, 2005

Boot Camp

What is it?
The Boot Camp program is going to be an intensive training program designed to improve race times for either the half or full marathon distance. We will be preparing to race in the fall. All aspects necessary for a balanced training program will be incorporated.

Strength training
Core training
Individual specific distance and paces

Where? When?
Monday nights - strength classes, Pickering, beginning May 9 (time, tba)
Tuesday nights - yoga for runners, Pickering, beginning May 10, 8pm
Saturday mornings - trail running, locations tba each week, beginning May 14, 8am
Sunday mornings - long slow runs, locations tba each week, beginning May 15, 8am

Programs will be broken into 2 phases, the first phase focussing on building a strong mileage base, the second phase focussing on building speed and intensity.

strength classes $5/week or $50 for 12 weeks
Yoga for runners $5/week for Boot Camp participants
Individualized running programs $70
Organized group runs saturday and sunday mornings FREE for participants

Jocelyn Briggs - contact me with any questions
905 895-2017

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