Monday, April 18, 2005

Countdown to race day - 13 Days

The Flying Pig is getting closer! Less than 2 weeks and it's taper time. This weekend I ran 24K with the marathon clinic who were out to do 32K. Once I came back I went out on the bike to pace them back in and ended up doing another 16K on the bike.

Today I'm a little sore but I think it's from not being on the bike in a while rather than the actual workload. Next weekend's long run is 16K at race pace and I don't think I'll take the bike out afterwards just to make sure I'm well rested for Cincinnati.

There's a lot going on with clinic preparations for our Don Mills and Eglinton clinic that's coming up as well as some other idea's that I'll fill you all in on when they are a little more final.

Keep watching!

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