Monday, May 09, 2005

May 14 and 15 Club Runs

Saturday May 14 Trails
where: back of Dagmar
time: 8:00 am
duration: 50 minutes, steady pace
directions: from Pickering....take Brock road north to Concession 9. Concession 9 east to sideline 4. (in the town of Balsam...look for a little iron welding shop on the south side) Take sideline 4 north, you'll see the trails on both side of the road.

Sunday May 15 Road
where: bottom of Liverpool road
time: 8:00 am
distance: 14km or 24km, slow


Anonymous said...

Are we talking slow, slow or Jocelyn and Tony slow?? lol


Tony @ Hit The Road said...

Tony Slow is 20 minutes, Jocelyn slow is 6 seconds!

She will never live this down until she beats it. Lets hope it's by more than 5 seconds.