Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Marathon and Half Training

Congratulations to all of you who have taken the first step towards the Scotiabank Marathon or Half Marathon by joining Ken's program. Ken is busy working on your personalized programs based on your individual goals for this fall.

Don't forget as members of the program you have free access to our club runs on the weekends. Saturday's are trail runs which will add some variety to your training (you may also get to see me "Fall like a girl" although I'm not quite sure how "girls" fall). Sunday's we put in some long slow distance and vary the location each week, usually followed by breakfast or coffee. These runs are also available to anyone who wishes to join our run club or just pay per run if they want to try it out, so please tell your friends.

We also have periodic social events like pub nights or Family BBQ's so keep an eye open for details. BTW next one is coming up July 15th!

One last thing, we have a beginners clinic coming up in July in Pickering so if you have any relatives or friends who are inspired by all the hard work you do, let them know and feel free to tell them about our web site. The can also contact Tonyfor more information.

Run Safe.

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