Sunday, July 17, 2005

Great couple of runs this weekend.

This weekend's runs were fantastic. I hope that you all had as much fun as I did. If you weren't out for these runs, you missed out on some good times!

Today's run in the pouring rain made me think of two things:

1. At least I won't get sunburned or come down with heat stroke.
2. How is it that you can be soaking wet but it still feels like you are running in 30 degree weather? Darn hot!

A few of us went for breakfast at the Sunset grill. We all inhaled our food and the service was superb. This place gives Cora's a run for its money! A return visit is definitely in order.

Here are the maps of the runs that we did this weekend.

The trails and elevation at Greenwood Conservation Area.

It looks like I was lost or something. I assure you that Girlie knew where she was going!

The Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon Course Run (most of the 2nd Half or marathon)

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