Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Marathon Training Update

Week 3 is upon us

After a week in the mountains of the Laurentides, I am back and looking forward to another leg strength workout tonight. The weather there was hot, humid, and full of bugs. I even saw a bear cub! It sounds like the Club runs here on Saturday and Sunday went well. I hope everyone is keeping to their paces and not going too fast.

With the third week of our training we are now starting to get into the workout portion of the schedule. Strength training will be the focus for the next couple of weeks. Muscle soreness means that we are breaking down and building up those muscles to be stronger. So keep it up, your body will thank you for it.

The meeting place will be the Pine Ridge Secondary School Track at the north end of Liverpool Rd. in Pickering at 7pm. We will hit the trails again tonight at the end of our workout, so bring your dirty shoes in case it rains. Don't forget to bring your completed training logs with you. I will have more homework for you.

It is still not to late to join us! If you would like to train for a fall marathon or half marathon or if you know someone who needs some coaching help with their running, email me at: hit the road with Ken

1 comment:

~ggH said...

Oh man, what happened yesterday?

Just moments ago (some 22 hours later), I started feeling muscles I didn't knew I even had. I seriously doubt "my body is currently thanking me for it".
Who knew one could have that much fun and then some!?!?