Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Marathon Training Update

Week 4 already

The last 4 days have been brutal hot! Add to that the training that we all have been putting in, starting with Saturday's race and finishing with last night's strength workout at the track. We deserve a break in the schedule. So let's party this Friday at the Docks! After a nice little 5km race we can sit back for a few pops, grab some wings and stay out past curfew. This will be one to remember.

If you are up to it, Saturday's run at Greenwood should be a gentle break from the hills that we usually punish ourselves on. Come out for some fun and don't forget the sun screen and bug spray.

If you have some suggestions for running routes or fun runs to do as a group, let me know and we can check it out. Email Ken

If you or someone you know are looking at training for a race in the fall and need help staying motivated in training, Let me know.

Here are the points leaders in the 5 peaks series demonstrating a new category called "Ed-Hauling". Different classes yet to be determined.

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