Saturday, August 27, 2005

5 Peaks race results

Huge weekend at the 5 Peaks race

Today's race was simply amazing. The course was demanding and strategic. I felt that there was a great mix of technical singletrack and wide open flats. But I must say that there is a reason that it is called "Albion Hills" and not Albion "Flats" Maybe it was just me but I felt that there were more uphills than downhills. It seemed that everyone from the clinic who came to run, really showed up for the race. Way to go everyone!

We had Three Podium finishes for people enrolled in the clinic. As well as 2 more podiums for people related to those in the clinic.

Girlie finished 1st in her age and 4th overall for women. Her second top three finish!
Edgar finished second in his age. A very competitive group.
Rob finished third in his age. That's his second top 3 finish!

Edgar's wife, Denise, finished 2nd in her age. Talk about couples therapy!
Chuck's daughter Shelby finished 3rd in her age. And only because the two ahead of her had more than a foot in height and probably 3-5 years on her.

On top of these amazing finishes, we can't forget that Joanne, Chuck and I finished 6th, 9th, and 7th in our respective age groups, garnering those much coveted age grouper points! Maybe we can get some pointers from all those podium finishers on how to get up onto that platform. What is the "air up there" like? Sweet, I bet!

Once again, Tony was beaten in the race by Jocelyn. Keep it up Tony, One day you'll beat her, one day.


Tony @ Hit The Road said...

Congratulations to all who raced so well on the weekend. Even if I had been able to come, there wouldn't have been any additional podium visits.

Well done.

Girlie said...

Turned out to be a great plan (and a great pacer). I thought that as long as I kept Rob in sight, I knew I had a chance of finishing ahead of Heather Blackman and I did, by nearly 2 minutes! How wild was that!
Thanks, Rob, I couldn't have done it without you.