Thursday, August 25, 2005

Damage to Trails, Trees and Heads

Yesterday I went out for a run along the Don River Valley for the first time in a week. It was quite amazing to see the damage from the flooding last Friday. Almost everything was covered in silt, in some spots the mud that had washed over the pavement was a foot deep and the city had used a sidewalk snowplow to clear it off a bit.

You could see how high the water had come due to the mud which covered the plants. In some places it was about 15 feet higher than the current river level.

As I got into Sunnybrook park I started up the Wilket Creek trail and an ominous sign said the trail did not go all the way through to Edwards Gardens. This creek has a much steeper bank and is less open than the Don and there was a tonne of damage. Large areas of the pavement were gone or covered in several inches of mud. There was a lot of damage around all of the bridges and one was half washed away.

One bridge had a pile of wood behind it that looked like a beaver dam that seemed to go back 20 meters.

The moral of this story is to stay away from creeks and rivers during heavy rain. I know we all like to run in the rain and Ken tells you that NOTHING comes before your training but if it really starts coming down, head for higher ground.

Today I went off road through the Don and on a particularly steep hill ran clean into a big tree branch. As a result I entered my office building with blood running down my face and now have a nice goose egg on my forehead. Strangely nobody is bothering me this afternoon, probably because they all think I'm a little insane.

Keep running...


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Tony wrote a sentence with the words Wood and Beaver in it and left it at that.

Anonymous said...

....I was surprised too, must be due to his head injury!

Tony @ Hit The Road said...

Head....Tee Hee.