Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Great Weekend of Running

What beautiful running weather we have been blessed with lately! Congratulations to all those clinic and other Hit the Road Running people who came out for a terrific trail run today. The weather was cool but still sunny and perfect to hit the trails. Some people were even wearing shorts! I hope all the newbies to trail running enjoyed themselves, even with all those hills that Tony made you go down then UP! After the great response from today, maybe we can include at least one other trail run to our Sunday runs. Be sure to let me know what you think.

More congratulations are in order for those Hit the Road Running STARS that went down and ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC this weekend. We are waiting to hear your story of how you triumphed at Iwa Jima.

Belated Congratulations to Girlie Harvey in completing the Detroit Marathon without setting off the Radiation scanners at the border. Way to go!

Tuesday night's track workouts with Ken.

I will be at the Pine Ridge SS track this Tuesday and as many Tuesdays to follow as long as the weather cooperates and the lights are still being turned on for us. Again if you would like to be included in the Tuesday nights email thread please email me or tell me when you see me. Remember if you are on this email list, your email address will be shared with others in the same list.

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