Friday, October 28, 2005

Geocaching Update

This post is for all those techno geeks out there who would like to do more with your Forerunner than just run with it.

I have been treasure hunting for just over two months now and my family and I just love it. We have used this as a reason to go for long hikes in the woods and we even spent an afternoon driving around in Cottage country looking for a few of these finds.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for gps users. Participating in a cache hunt is a good way to take advantage of the wonderful features and capability of a gps unit. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. All the visitor is asked to do is if they get something they should try to leave something for the cache.

What does this mean to you?
Although many people who do this go out and buy GPS units, many of us runners already have one that is capable of doing this: Our Forerunner running watches.

So if you are looking for some adventure or would just like to challenge your children with something not entirely connected to the television or the mall. Why not give it a try?

If you need help getting started you can Email me or just visit

You can also look at my first report on Geocaching Here.

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