Saturday, October 01, 2005

SOCIAL EVENT - Pickering Pub Run

This one is going to be fun!

Our first ever Pickering Pub Run will be held on Friday October 7th to celebrate an excellent season and just for an excuse to hit some pubs.

The format will be a tour rather than a race. We will all run together and drink together.

The tour will start at 7pm at the Bear and Firkin at Valley Farm Road and Kingston Road. Once everyone has finished their drinks we will head to the Fox and Fiddle Mansion at Liverpool and Kingston Road and then run up to the Bull and Finch at Dixie and Finch where we will end the running and continue the celebration.

This run will be open to everyone, not just current Hit The Road members so please invite all you friends, family and/or drinking buddies.

Prizes will be given out for best costume plus anything else we decide to give out prizes for...

Please remember to organize a taxi or designated driver for your trip home.


ab said...

didn't you say that $3 and signed waiver would get us a ride home..

Tony @ Hit The Road said...

You never know what $3 might get you