Friday, September 30, 2005

Exciting times at Hit The Road

Good luck to our program participants who are taking part in the Run for the Toad this weekend. 25 or 50K of trail running sounds like a lot of fun but not a walk in the park.

Our Road Run this Sunday will be along the well traveled Pickering Waterfront. A nice and easy recovery 10K followed by some coffee and tales of everyone's races.

Our upcoming programs are now finalized and posted. We have an excellent location for these programs at Fletcher Chiropractic in Pickering so when the weather starts to turn cold we will not have to stand around at the track shivering.

Also, program participants will receive discounts at Yoga classes with 'Run with Spirit' and also on merchandise at 'Running Free'. Participants will also be receiving a free Hit The Road T-shirt!

If you're interested in any of the programs offered feel free to contact us. If you have family or friends looking for a training program, please let them know about us.

Only one week away from the Pickering Pub Run which is looking like it will be a great event. Come out and have some fun, bring all your friends and, who knows, you may even win some prizes.

Keep Running...


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