Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Running in the Wind

When it's cold outside it's particularly important to know which way the wind is coming from before you go out for a run. As I mentioned before, the windchill does not actually make it any colder but it helps remove heat and so feels colder.

If you happen to go out for a run when it's bitterly cold outside and do the first half of your run with the wind at your back you may find the conditions quite different once you turn around and the wind is in your face. This could actually be quite dangerous if you are doing a long run, especially if you have any issues on the way back that make you slow down or stop.

Try to either do the first half of your run into the wind or plan a route that loops the area that you are finishing in, that way you could always take a shortcut to the finish if you run into trouble.

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