Friday, December 09, 2005

Hit The Road Program Levels

Hit the Road offers a number of programs and services. Our programs are layered so that you can pick the level of service you require and add on additional services if you need them.

Level 1 - Free run club
Our free run club is open to everybody and consists of non-coached group runs. Every week we post the location of our run on and the runs are from different locations each week to add variety to your training.

Level 2 - Goal Race Group Training
Our goal race group training programs consist of weekly classroom sessions followed by a workout. You also receive a training program aimed at getting you to the finish line of the event. This training is also available to corporate or charity teams.

Level 3 - Specific Workout Group Training
These group training classes are ongoing muscle group or function specific workouts. The aim of these classes are to make you stronger and fitter. This program is not aimed at a particular race but could be used to supplement your other training.

Level 4 - Personalized Performance Programs
These programs are for those who have specific goals from their workouts. You receive a combination of Personal Training and personal program design to help you to achieve you own goal, whether it's to run a longer distance or to get a better time. These programs include consultations and e-mail support.

Additional Service
On top of any of our programs or as stand alone services we also offer Personal Training, individual program design, nutritional consultation services, yoga classes, chiropractic and massage therapy either through our own trainers or partnering third party vendors. All of these services are available by appointment, contact us for details.

For more information on any of out services, feel free to contact us at

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