Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Boot Camp Tuesday Nights

  • Has your running plateau'ed?
  • Are you looking for a New Challenge?
  • Do you need to be pushed in order to keep motivated?
  • Do you want to lose some of that extra weight from the holidays?

Every Tuesday night Boot Camp meets for an Hour to 2 Hour Strength, Conditioning and Running Form workout. We meet at the Oshawa Civic Dome Running Track at 7 pm.
Boot Camp is for everyone.The workout includes Plyometrics, Flexibility, Cardio and Biomechanic Drills designed to make you both a fitter person and a better runner.

Enrolling in the program gets you:

  • The personally supervised workout
  • Detailed breakdown of your goals and how you will reach them
  • Weekly training log
  • Detailed homework and charts to keep you going all week
  • Personal and Email support

How do I sign up?

  • Package: ATB Boot Camp: January 17 - March 21 for $75 - Get you in PB shape for those 7km of rolling hills at the Around the Bay Race.

  • Package: ATB Boot camp + Ottawa Boot Camp - January 17 - May 23 for $110 - Get in shape for the Ottawa Race Weekend.

  • Package: ATB Boot Camp + ATB "Hit the Road Clinic", $140 - Tuesday and Thursday nights - Complete package to get you ready for the Around the Bay Race.

  • Package: ATB Boot Camp + Ottawa Boot Camp + ATB and Ottawa "Hit the Road" Clinic Nights, $190, Tuesday and Thursdays, January 17 - May 25. Complete Package to get you trained for a spring Marathon. 20 weeks of total training and commitment with a personalized schedule, feedback and a whole lot more. Less than $10 per week.

  • Any 4 Weeks for $75 - perfect for someone who needs a kick outta bed to get them ready for a certain race or event. This type of training can also be personalized to other days and times available.

Still not what you are looking for? If you have a group of people who meet regularly and need some Guidance, let me know and I will personally put together a monitored personalized schedule and training log to get you to your goals and the goals of the group you are involved with. I am also available for training on other nights if you have a small group in need of training. Please let me know how I can help.

Also remember that we do meet every Sunday morning for our club runs. These runs are open to any and all people interested in coming. We post the location of the upcoming runs the week of the run on this site. We also list the general goal time of that Sunday's run. If you aren't looking for this time or distance of run, please email me to see if there is anyone else coming who will be doing the similar distance or time that you are looking for. Don't be intimidated by the times that are posted, we regularly have people who are interested in going shorter or slower on these club runs. The goal is to get out as a group and run with old friends or new ones.

If you have never been out with us and want to check us out, come out on a Sunday morning and run with us. We will answer any and all questions that we can.

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