Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Great news for us running geeks

If you’ve got a Garmin GPS device for timing your training runs, you've got to get hooked up with a web utility Garmin just purchased, MotionBased.

Using data collected from GPS devices, MotionBased empowers you with online data and mapping analysis.

When you're done your workout, hook up your GPS device to your computer, like a digital camera, and launch the MotionBased Agent. The Agent automatically extracts the data from the GPS, and sends it to your Inbox at the MotionBased website. The entire upload process usually takes less than 1 minute.

MotionBased then helps you review statistics or analyze the key metrics for one particular activity. Analysis can range from segmenting your activity into distance splits to simulating your activity on one of 4 different maps. How deep you get into the analysis is up to you.

Of course, looking at your statistics and trip reports is a lot more fun when you can share that information with others. Whether you plan to share this month's training results with your coach or a new mountain bike ride you discovered on the Trail Network, MotionBased harnesses the power of the Internet to share information with everyone.

Check out for more details.

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Ken said...

Thanks to Joanne HTR-STAR for pointing this one out!