Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Trail Running Program

Want to try something a little different?

We have partnered with 5 Peaks Trail Running Series to present our Intro to Trail Running Program.

Trail running is a great way to add variety to your running. It can act as a method of cross training as you use muscles and skills that you don't require on the road. It also a great cardiovascular workout.

Running on trails will reduce your risk of chronic injury by having less impact than road running and also by strengthening the collateral muscles in your legs and core that you don't use when road running. There's no cars to worry about either and it's great to be out and about in nature.

This program is designed to improve your leg turnover, balance, coordination, muscular and cardiovascular strength and speed through exercises and practice runs on the trails.

This is a 12 session program with trail runs each Saturday morning and strength and conditioning workouts every Wednesday evening from April 1st to get you in shape for the first 5 Peaks trail run of the season at Dundas Valley on May 13th. Wednesday conditioning classes will focus on areas such as balance, collateral muscle and core strength, leg turnover and reaction time, leg strength, muscle balance, flexibility and stretching. Saturday sessions will put what you've learned to practice with drills designed to improve your running ability. All this for only $125.

Anyone who can run 5K or more is invited to join. The 5 Peaks series has 'Sport' and 'Enduro' races at each event so there's something for all abilities. If you've never attended a 5 Peaks race before I can highly recommend them. Great family events and atmosphere including kids races and this year the guys at 5 Peaks are promising even more. Take a look at their web site for more information on the series.

As a special incentive, anyone taking the Hit The Road program can also get a discount race entry.

There are so many reasons to take this program. Get off the road, get a little dirty, try something new, improve your running, have some fun, add some variety, the list goes on and on.

Program starts April 1st and space is limited so sign up now by e-mailing info@hittheroadrunning.com or calling 647 882 9755.

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