Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Long runs in the heat

On Saturday night I went out to celebrate Caribana so my usual Sunday long run was postponed to Monday. I didn't get out of the house until after 9am and was planning to do a 30K run knowing it was getting hot. Well the temp got up to 29C plus humidity by the time I finished and the last 5K just wasn't any fun at all but I didn't quit. Got home and sank about 3 litres of fluids before sitting in the kids pool in the back garden to cool off some more.

On Tuesday I went to see my massage therapist about the pain I've been having in my Achilles tendon. After some torture to my calves it actually doesn't feel too bad today. Going back for another visit next week. I want to get it sorted out before going to Chicago. There are now 6 of us going to Chicago and it's already half way through my training. Wow.

Still waiting to hear back from the charity that wants me to do a clinic for them. Was hoping to hear yesterday but so far nothing.

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